BH-20 is a new international popular portable powerful smoke machine. The use of variable frequency high-power motor, wind than the traditional smoke exhaust smoke. Set the lithium battery to meet the needs of mobile and a variety of power supply. The use of folding design, reducing the size of the smoke machine is the size of the traditional smoke machine 1/2, reducing the car storage volume. Ergonomic design with straps for easy carrying.

Origin: United States

Basic parameters:

Size: 24 × 24 × 10 (inches)

Battery: Lithium battery 20-28 minutes, can be charged 2000 times

Range: 6-20 feet

Wind: 10,200 CFM

Motor: built-in

Weight: 40 lb (without battery)

56 lb (with battery)

Voltage: 110-220 V

Angle: 0-90 degrees, adjustable

Speed: 0-3900 Frequency / min

Control: weak - strong, adjustable