Product Type: ACCII


Product Type: ACCII

Origin: Sweden


For high altitude accident rescue. Applicable to high-rise buildings, bridge towers, mountains, cableway cable car and other high-altitude accident rescue. To lift the speed of 22 meters per minute, can save the rescue staff strength; lift speed control, with overload shutdown function, the use of safe and reliable: load 250 kg, which can carry both people and equipment.


Working load: 200 kg


Rescue operation Maximum working load: 250 kg


Rope Requirements: Use 10-13 mm static / semi-static rope according to EN1891


Overload limit (auto power off): 260 kg


Rise rate: 0 m / min ~ 22 m / min, continuous speed control


Descent rate: 0 m / min ~ 22 m / min, continuous speed control;


Emergency drop: approx. 0.5 m / s


Charging time: 3.5 hours


Temperature range: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C


Noise level: 82 dB


Weight: 18kg (including built-in battery)


Size: 40 x 30 x 25cm