Underwater life detector


Underwater life detector

The increase of water disaster makes the fire rescue task more and more arduous. Rapid and effective detection of underwater life is a new topic in the world. United States VIDEORAY (SEA) series

Underwater life detector (underwater robot) has become a tool for the life of the water rescue and help. Underwater life detector (underwater robot) compact and flexible, easy to operate. Through a plurality of knobs on the console

The control of underwater life detector (underwater robot) in the water forward, backward, turning, rising, sinking, while the operation of high-definition video camera with the help of a clear image. Underwater life exploration

The sensor can also carry the positioning sonar, the image scanning sonar, the multi parameter water quality detection sensor (YSI), the radiation sensor, the manipulator, the metal thickness gauge and so on

Measurement and real-time monitoring. It has been widely used in the search of underwater life, the salvage side of water disaster, the investigation of underwater engineering quality, the search of the crime evidence and the investigation of the accident.

Technical parameters and composition of small remote control underwater robot


Maximum pressure: water depth of 76 meters, can automatically set depth

Max forward speed: 0.98 M / S (section 1.9)

Submersible weight: 3.8 kg in size, 31x23x21 cm

Power supply: 100-240VAC

Camera color, 570 lines, 0.3Lux, wide angle, zoom, 180 degree tilt tilt

2x20, high brightness lighting intensity adjustable halogen lamp

Propeller three, two 50 mm horizontal, a 45 mm vertical propeller

Random sensor compass, depth pressure sensor, accumulative working hour counter

Umbilical cable length of 40 meters, diameter of 8 mm, fresh water zero buoyancy professional performance cable

Breaking strength 450 kg

Surface console (Pelican 1450)

Display 7 inch high-definition LCD display: small LCD display depth, compass, accumulated time

Output analog video signal output (AV interface)

All the functions of the control robot can be completed through the water console, including light intensity, tilt, zoom, forward and backward movement, such as the movement of the lift, automatic positioning


Random distribution instructions, weights, basic tools and accessories


1 portable power

2 digital video recording equipment (real-time video recording, USB interface, DVD-Maker software, video cable)

3 sine inverter: DC to AC, in the field without AC use, need 12VDC power supply

4 site maintenance spare parts package: contains a variety of 0 rings, bulbs, lampshades, etc.