XF912 can make video observation of the target, and at the same time can initiate the call search and snoop trapped suspicious regions groan, help, crawling, beating, scratching caused by sound waves and shock waves. Video probe can be rotated 360 degrees to 180 degrees. It has excellent waterproof performance, can dive 10 meters detection; wire diameter 6.6mm, the detection of semi rigid wire of 20 meters, can be bent at 90 degrees.

All audio vibration amplification on the back. With waterproof function. When using the monitor can be fixed or a watch, and operators to achieve the same survivor dialogue through a headset.

Digital meter function, accurate positioning, the detection distance is directly displayed on the monitor screen; TFT widescreen color LCD monitor provides clear images with 2 m cable mobile; control panel with buttons for navigation menus to rotate the camera and simple control.

With 2G (maximum 32G) memory card, menu playback function; system is equipped with two sets of battery power. Optional external battery, to achieve more than 20 hours long working time. The whole system adopts the whole portable design, and all the components are integrated in a rugged portable instrument box. The whole equipment without disassembling.

Specification parameter

Color rotating lens chip: 1/3 color: CCD sensitivity: 0,5 Lux,

Lens: F = 2.0mm, F = 2.4 viewing angle: 360 degree, illumination: 12 white LED lamps

Probe line: semi hard 20 meter probe length: 2.4 m (optional) detection Audio: 50-10000 Hz

TFT- display: 7 "/ 16:9 format, video output signal: FBAS storage: 2G (max 32G)

Power supply: 2 x V battery or AC power supply battery use time: 1.5 hours, weight: 8.2Kg