Item No: V600


Item No: V600

Origin: China

Used in the scene of the accident in dark, smoke environment search, can penetrate find fire, smoke and dark to rescue trapped personnel, looking for hidden flux and dangerous goods. With infrared thermal imaging and bright lights lighting and other functions. Have white, black hot, pseudo color two display modes; Wearing type, can make the hands free.

The sensor is uncooled focal plane array with 160 x 120 pixels,

Wavelength 7-14um,

Thermal sensitivity 0.05,

Automatic image processing, scalable video wireless transmission function,

Detection temperature: +600

Operating temperature: -40 DEG C -+85 c;

Power consumption: 1W;

Use time: 10 hours;

Display: OLED eyepiece;

Display pixels: 852 x 600;

Image output: video interface;

Lighting lamp holder: LED;

Lighting power: 3W;

Irradiation distance: 100 meters;

Lamp life: 100000 hours;

Volume: 6.8 x 8.5 x 8cm;

Weight: less than 500 grams;

Battery: three section 5 batteries, Disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Provide use and maintenance CD