Rotate the camera

Detecting depth:

Land 20m, diving 10m

Electronic meter, precise positioning

Free of dismantling

Rotary flip lens diameter 40mm, with waterproof; TFT widescreen color LCD monitor provides clear images with 2 m cable mobile; control panel with buttons for menu navigation and realize the control of rotating lens. 20 meter detection line, digital meter function, accurate positioning, distance directly displayed on the monitor screen; system is equipped with two sets of batteries, power supply. The whole system is portable and all components are integrated in a sturdy instrument box. Complete equipment disassembly.

Camera lens

XF902 is the smallest rotating lens available at home and abroad. Can complete the axial 360 degree rotation, radial 180 degree turn. Lens chip 1/3 inch color CCD, 400 thousand pixels; camera fully sealed package, lens transparent cover removable; IP68 waterproof standard, can prevent water depth of 10 meters.

Detection line

Detection line 20 meters, wire diameter 6.6mm, special length can be customized (30 meters). Electronic meter, accurate positioning, distance measurement accuracy of 15mm. Digital meter display on the specific data.


7 inch TFT widescreen color LCD monitor provides a clear image, the control panel with a large operating buttons for menu navigation and simple control of the rotating lens. The illumination adopts LED high brightness lamp, which can provide adequate illumination for the dark detection field. Two 12V Ni MH battery, can be mixed power supply, single cell battery use time 1.5 hours.

Power supply does not interfere with the operation of the device when charging. Easy to operate, easy to carry, suitable for emergency rescue, dangerous objects under the requirements of underwater search and rescue, search and rescue, search and rescue, cave rescue and other areas of the field.

XF902 product parameters:

Color rotating lens chip: 1/3 "color CCD

Sensitivity: 0.5Lux, lens: f=2.0mm, F=2.4

Angle: 120 degrees, light source: 12 white LED lights

Monitor shell size: length 178mmx width 114mmx high 33mm

TFT- display: 7 "/16:9 format, video output signal: FBAS

Power supply: 2x12V battery or AC power supply,

Battery life: 1.5 hours

Portable instrument box size: length 508mmx width 432mmx high 178mm,

Weight: 8.2Kg

External 120G recorder, the entire dynamic video search