CSG won the title of "top ten brand of equipment"

Recently, in China's fire industry conference, the China National Science and Technology Co., Ltd. won the national "ten major equipment and equipment brand" title.

CFIC2016 Chinese fire safety industry conference Chinese Fire Protection Association, Chinese flame retardant society and comprehensive technical branch of the Architectural Society of China, fire water supply and drainage of buildings of Architectural Society Chinese building research branch, Ministry of civil affairs to promote emergency center, Co Chinese Security Industry Association, China Building Materials Industry Association Branch, hosted by the HuiCong fire network.

CSG is a "national emergency industry demonstration base" key enterprises, in recent years, aiming at the international emergency rescue high-tech cutting-edge technology, independent research and development, environmental protection and new technology of intelligent fire rescue equipment, dozens of patents authorized by the national technical. With its sophisticated, leading the new "fire emergency rescue equipment industry development direction, is widely used in the field of emergency rescue in China, and played an important role in the rescue of serious disasters and accidents in.

The company has undertaken the development research center of the State Council research topic, emergency industry focus on national science and technology support program, efficient and environmentally friendly fire rescue equipment R & D projects, Chinese concourse Fair has become the major projects in Beijing; North China theater mobilization center special equipment platform, University industry collaborative innovation platform, the national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun, Beijing new special expertise enterprise, Chinese enterprise independent innovation TOP100 high-end manufacturing; won the national quality trustworthy unit, quality trustworthy enterprise, integrity of the Great Wall Cup enterprises, Chinese fire enterprise credit grade AAA enterprise; innovation of science and technology enterprises Chinese won the award Gold Award, technology innovation award award and honorary title China fire protection association.

(CSG News)