CSG Introduces IRATA International Rope Technology

CSG  committed to the advanced rescue technology and equipment into the Chinese business philosophy, the first to IRATA high-altitude rope technology into China's fire rescue,

IRATA training can be divided into theoretical training and field two parts, the IRATA international trainer at the scene of the training with the erection of steel elevated to simulate valley, buildings, such as high altitude environment, trainees body is equipped with international advanced life-saving rope, hook, pulley, such as professional set of equipment, follow the training course organized by rope technology teacher learning the technique of converting fulcrum in the sky

Trained firefighters said it was fortunate to be an IRATA trained firefighter who would soon put new technology and equipment into actual combat by assessing the level of the association's level, and IRATA high-altitude ropes Construction site high-altitude trapped, jumping to light rescue, valleys trapped rescue and other complex rescue environment.

At the same time CSG according to the EU IRATA rope technology for the standard configuration of the mountain rescue 4/8 people set, using the current mainstream double rope rope technology, together with the international top personal protective equipment based, Follow the principle of specialization, systematic, and its outstanding features are: security, simple operation, light and comfortable, to provide multiple fast delivery combination program, an effective solution to some difficult to reach and narrow space of technical problems, to achieve more The rescue task, as well as the group, the team joint rescue task.

The complete set of equipment with detection equipment, rescue equipment, traction equipment, can effectively solve the complex rescue environment under the fast vertical, translational, diagonal mobile solution. Applicable to mountain rescue, high-rise rescue, bridge tower rescue, cable car rescue, snow and ice rescue.

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